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Way Back In 2011 Local Exploration and Production Companies Had Discovered Substantial Oil and Gas Reserves.Dewan Petroleum and OMV Had Offered A Cumulative 400 mmcfd At $3.8/mmbtu.But The Government Said No They Were Not Willing To Offer More Than $2.8/mmbtu


Later On It Was Proven That Dewan Petroleum’s Price Was Right


But Mr Shahid Khaqan Abassi Chose That Instead Of Getting 400mmcfd Domestic Natural Gas At $3.8/mmbtu He Decided To Import The Same 400 mmcfd Gas In The Form LNG At Whopping $9.2/mmbtu(OGRA Notified Price at September 2017 And This Goes Upto $10-12/mmbtu When You Add Shipping and Regasification Costs) The Latest Is $12.8 and $13.7 per mmbtu for SSGC and SNGPL Respectively.



1.Dawood Lawrencepur Packed It’s Bags and Shifted To China
2.APTMA Punjab Observed Black Day and 100 Large Textile Mills Shut Down
3.Exports Nosedived and Import Skyrocketed
4.Largest Balance of Payment Crisis In History of Pakistan

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