Russia’s Nuclear Forces Can Inflict ‘Unacceptable Damage’ on Any Aggressor

RUSSIA :- Russia’s Nuclear Forces Can Inflict ‘Unacceptable Damage’ on Any Aggressor ::

Valery Gerasimov, the chief of Russian General Staff has told the board of the Russian Defense Ministry that the country’s strategic nuclear forces are currently capable of inflicting unacceptable damage upon any aggressor, including those possessing anti-missile weapons.

“In total, the share of modern weapons in the ground, air and sea strategic nuclear forces has been brought up to 74%,” Gerasimov added.

According to the chief of the Russian General Staff, the combat capabilities of the aviation strategic nuclear forces have increased by one and a half times over five years.

“The number of aircraft capable of using new cruise missiles has increased more than 11 times, the share of modern strategic missile carriers has increased by 53% compared to 2012 and amounted to 75.7%.”

Gerasimov noted that during this period the spacecraft of the Unified Space System had been launched, which “gave the opportunity to increase monitoring of ballistic missile launch sites on the Northern America’s mainland and areas of foreign countries’ submarines patrols.”

“Over the five years we have secured building up of the orbital group, 55 military spacecraft have been launched, a new Angara rocket complex, which allows to place payloads in all types of Earth orbits from the territory of the Russian Federation, has been developed. The further development of the system will enable continuous global monitoring of ballistic missile launch sites.”

According to the chief of the General Staff, Russia had also managed to improve its missile attack warning system in recent years.

“Within the framework of the development of the Russian Aerospace Forces the improvement of the missile warning system has become one of the priorities,” Gerasimov indicated.

He pointed out that Russia had bridged the gaps between the radar fields of the northern and southern parts of the country, adding that aerospace defense has been put on a qualitatively new level.

“It [aerospace defense] is based on the Russian Aerospace Forces, created in 2015 as a result of the merger of the Russian Air Force and the Russian Cosmic Defense Forces. Thus, shared responsibility for the organization of aerospace defense, the organization and development of troops engaged in fighting in this field, their training and use, has been established,” Gerasimov said.


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