Lt. Gen. Khalid Rabbani, who is the Commander of the Peshawar Corps, which is operating in the troubled Pakistani provinces of NWFP and FATA, praised the local tribesmen for helping the army to fight the pro-Taliban elements there. He also noted that the anti-state elements have killed and injured a great number of unarmed civilians over the last few years, the majority of them being tribesmen.

The General said that the armed forces are not only ensuring the rule of law and safety of the civilians, but is also undertaking a number of development projects which can change the lives of the locals who live in this region. The media wing of the Pakistani Armed Forces, the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) quoted Rabbani that the projects undertaken by the army included a number of health, education and social development programs.

Formal tribal fighters, who surrendered to the army, are also being assisted through various schemes under the De-radicalisation Emancipation Programme. Under the scheme, technical training is given to the former radicals, which will help them to find jobs and to take care of their families.


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