Mastermind of ChineseConsulate attack received medical treatment in India on an Afghan Passport


BLA Commander Aslam Baloch urf Achu, the mastermind of the terrorist attack on the Chinese Diplomatic Consulate in Karachi is carrying an Afghan Passport under a fake name, which proves that he has help from NDS. He also masterminded a suicide attack on the bus of Chinese workers in Dalbandin, which was carried out by his son Majeed who had been studying in India. Aslam heads the Suicide attack unit of the BLA. He’s currently receiving or has received medical treatment in a posh New Delhi hospital in India in 2016.


This establishes the fact that Indian Govt is involved in acts of terrorism against the Chinese workers and diplomatic establishments in Pakistan to undermine CPEC and Sino Pakistan relations. This also establishes that Pakistan is facing a hybrid war from India and Afghanistan in the Balochistan region. They have to pay.



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