Pakistan interested in Hurkus C Low cost COIN aircraft


The Pakistan Air Force has begun to work closely with the propeller for low-cost operations. This tender, which is closely followed by TAI, suggests Hürkuş C model, which has been brought into Turkey as a weapon platform.

The planned purchase to make nearby support operations at lower cost is the EMB 314 Super Tucano, developed by Sierra Nevada Corporation, owned by US-based Fatih Özmen, which is designed by Brazilian Embraer along with TAI’s Hurkey C model and IOMAX’s Archangel type aircraft It is expected to enter the tender.

TAI has bought the first order for Hürkuş C from the Turkish Armed Forces while Super Tucano has sold to Afghanistan, Angola, Senegal, Mali, Burkina Faso, Ghama and Mozambique. IOMAX Archangel was sold to the United Arab Emirates and Jordan. Egypt is also on the plane.


TAI, which has made serious progress in the sale of ATAK T-129 helicopter to Pakistan, suggests Pakistan’s air force education model B’yi as well as Hürkuş C in this project. After the Turkish Air Forces retired the T-37 training aircraft, these planes were awarded to Pakistan.

After completion of their maintenance, the T-37s, which have started to fly again, have completed their service lives, and it is pointed out that Pakistan, like the Turkish Air Force, will be able to use Hürkuş B so that the fleet operation costs can be made more appropriate.

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