Greedy twitter is helping Modi to curb Sikh & Muslim dissenters.

Twitter has gone full retard in an attampt to capture the lucrative Indian Market. In addition to shutting down twitter accounts of Pakistani citizens on the Indian legal notices for the most ridiculous charge of “Violating Indian Law” which doesn’t even apply on Pakistani citizen, twitter has also begun a crackdown on Muslim and Sikh dissenters trying to highlight human rights abuses by Modi regime and his affiliated terrorists from RSS. Twitter also shut down Pakistan Defence Forum’s verified twitter account. Twitter execs like Mahima Kaul are in bed with BJP to crackdown on anything and everything which the fascist Hindu regime hates to hear. We’re bringing this again in the notice of the Pakistani Govt to pull their heads out of their bottoms and actually do something about it.

Here’s a list of accounts, Modi regime had taken down from twitter with active help from its sources inside twitter:

Screenshot_20190616-155224_Adobe Acrobat-01.jpegScreenshot_20190616-155218_Adobe Acrobat-01.jpegScreenshot_20190616-155211_Adobe Acrobat-01.jpegScreenshot_20190616-155205_Adobe Acrobat-01.jpegIMG-20190616-WA0030.jpgIMG-20190616-WA0029.jpgIMG-20190616-WA0028.jpgIMG-20190616-WA0027.jpg


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