Babar Bin Ata exposes fake news against anti-polio drive

Prime Minister Imran Khan’s focal person on polio eradication Babar Bin Ata exposed the fake news making rounds on social media regarding the death of an 18-month-old child after being administered polio vaccination in Swabi.

“Absolute Fake, we have just received the autopsy report of the innocent child, unfortunate death occurred due to choking from dry peanut,” wrote Babar Bina Ata on Twitter.

The focal person told that the authorities have reported him and 13 other profiles and pages on Facebook and Twitter for blocking.

Ministry of Information and Broadcasting said the users of social media must realize that it is their collective responsibility to post information which is based on facts, not rumors. The social media community must discourage those who are involved in disseminating fake news, it added.

Let it be known that a Twitter page had claimed that an 18-month-old child Arosha reportedly died on the spot after receiving anti-polio vaccination in Saleem Khan village of Swabi District. Polio and health officials took her to DH hospital for postmortem.


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